• Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Dye Penetrant Testing

Weldcheck NDT and Inspection Services provides all the latest techniques for NDT Services such as Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography, X-ray, Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Visual Inspection and additionally, many specialized applications utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipments.

Testing methods:
1. Ultrasonic Testing
2. Radiographic Testing
3. Magnetic Particle Testing
4. Dye Penetrant Testing
5. Visual Inspection
6. Film Interpretation

Weldcheck NDT and Inspection Services expertise is utilized to perform the following activities related to welding quality
1. Preparing Welding Procedure specifications (WPS) as per codes and standards
2. Witnessing, Third Party Inspection of welder qualifications tests
3. Preparing WPS, PQR, WPQ
4. Analysis of Mechanical and metallurgical tests
5. Training of welders on various welding processes